Car Seats Group 1/2/3 (9 Months-12 Years)

Group 1/2/3 (multi-stage) car seats offer a cost-effective solution at every stage. Car seats in this group are designed to be forward-facing for children, from 9 kilograms to 36 kilograms or those who are 135 cm tall (approx. 9 months to 12 years old), making them a smart investment. Moreover, remember that many combination seats in this category come with ISOFIX fittings for secure attachment to the vehicle. Therefore, during purchase, make sure the seat has been approved by the manufacturer for use in your specific car model. At the outset of your tiny tot's journey, these multi-stage car seats provide the added security of a five-point safety harness. As they grow, these versatile carriers can be easily converted into a high-backed booster seat. At this stage, the harness can be removed, to create a group 2/3 configuration. With a grown-up seatbelt, your not so little one is fastened safely.

If you require further clarification regarding the laws related to child car seats, we've prepared a convenient guide that comprehensively explains all the necessary car seat regulations you should be aware of.

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