Britax Romer Swivel i-Size 40-125 cm Car Seat-Dusty Rose
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Britax Romer Swivel i-Size 40-125 cm...
Britax Romer Swivel i-Size 40-125 cm Car Seat-Dusty Rose

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Britax Romer Swivel i-Size 40-125 cm Car Seat-Dusty Rose

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Meet SWIVEL, your lifelong travel companion! From birth to 7 years (125 cm), it's your ticket to hassle-free car rides. With its 360° rotation, getting in and out is a breeze.

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Britax Romer Swivel i-Size 40-125 cm Car Seat-Dusty Rose

Meet SWIVEL, your lifelong travel companion! From birth to 7 years (125 cm), it's your ticket to hassle-free car rides. With its 360° rotation, getting in and out is a breeze. Our cozy newborn insert pampers your newborn, while SWIVEL adapts as they grow to a schoolchild. It's like a growth spell for comfort and safety. At 15 months (or 76 cm), you can choose between your little explorer’s rear or forward-facing adventures. But that's not all! SWIVEL transforms into a booster seat for continuous save travels. Watch your child grow effortlessly with the SWIVEL car seat! From birth until their first 7 years, this seat has got you covered. Easily rotate it to the car door to buckle your little one up. Your hands are full with all kind of snacks and toys for your child while trying to adjust the seat? No problem! You only need one free hand to rotate and adjust the recline position simultaneously. Plus, installation is a breeze with independent ISOFIX connectors. Enjoy a smoother journey and comfier rides with SWIVEL. Experience worry-free adventures with SWIVEL. The seat allows your child to travel in a rearward facing position with the safe 5-point-harness for even longer - until the age of 4 (105 cm)! Certified to meet UN R129 standards, it ensures protection on every journey. Deep, secure side wings shield your little one from the outside and create a safe cave. The robust support leg ensures a safe and stable stand - even in the unfortunate event of an accident! SWIVEL is your companion on your parenthood journey. Give your baby the best start with the SWIVEL's multiple recline positions so they can explore the world or sleep soundly. The included long-lasting newborn insert provides an even more reclined position - a cosy cocoon for your little bundle of joy (up to 75 cm). Time flies and babies grow fast- the adjustable headrest ensures the ideal posture from infancy to adventurous. What's more, the seat converts from a 5-point harness (up to 105 cm) to a booster seat, while the comfortable reclining positions comfort them up to age 7!


  • Buckle up effortlessly - Whether your child is forward facing or rearward facing, reclined, upright, or in the setting in between, the 360° rotation of the SWIVEL makes it quick and easy to get your child in and out of the car safely. So you're good to go in seconds!
  • Independent ISOFIX connectors - Install the SWIVEL effortlessly thanks to the ISOFIX connectors, which can be operated independently. You're fully in control, so they're fast and safe to connect without damaging your car's seats. And you're ready to get on with your day.
  • Keep them rearward facing for longer - Give your little one the best protection in the event of a frontal collision: the SWIVEL allows your child to be rearward facing for longer (up to 105 cm), as recommended by experts. Frontal collisions are the most common type of accident, so make sure you travel in the safest way. With a car seat in the rearward-facing position, impact energy is spread evenly across the head, neck and upper body, protecting your child from injury.
  • Multi-recline positions - Keep your little one happy and comfortable even on long journeys. The SWIVEL has multiple recline positions that you can adjust easily. With 3 forward-facing and 3 rearward-facing positions, select one that allows your child to relax or take in the view - so they're content and you can enjoy a stress-free journey.
  • Deep, secure side wings -Cocoon your little one with the soft, padded side wings of the SWIVEL, helping to keep them safe and protected from impact in the event of a collision.
  • Comfortable, protective headrest - Ensure optimum protection in a side collision: the V-shaped headrest is specially designed to limit the movement of your child's head, and adjusts simultaneously, giving your child space to grow.
  • Soft performance chest pads - The soft performance chest pads of the SWIVEL bring even more comfort to the secure 5-point harness, and help reduce your child's movement in the event of a collision.
  • Special protection for newborns -Give your little bundle of joy the best protection, comfort and support with the specially designed newborn insert. The insert can be used for a particularly long time thanks to the extendable neck and also offers a flat reclining position (up to 75 cm). Energy-absorbing foam pads allow your baby to lie in a more comfortable, ergonomic position during those first precious weeks.
  • Extra-safe 5-point harness - Protect your child from serious injury by choosing a car seat with a 5-point harness (up to 105 cm). In the event of a collision, the harness distributes the force of the impact across all 5 points - the shoulders, hips and between the legs - to the seat's protective shell.
  • Height adjustable support leg - Install the SWIVEL safely in your car using the adjustable support leg. The leg fixes to your car's floor to provide extra stability and minimise tilting movements of the car seat. And an easy-to-read indicator shows you when the support leg is positioned firmly on your vehicle’s floor, making it effortless to fit correctly.
  • Quick-remove washable cover - Things can get pretty messy with children in the car. That's why Britax Römer designed a machine washable seat cover that can be easily removed without detaching the harness.
  • Growing with your child - Children develop so quickly, so adjust the SWIVEL to grow with them from toddler to school kid. Stay safe, whatever their size - swap easily from the integrated 5-point harness to your car’s 3-point seat belt as your little one reaches 100 cm (max. 105 cm). What's more, you can stow the 5-point harness in the backrest so it's always ready to use again. When it comes to the support leg - just fold it in and keep it in the car. You're ready to go, however big your little one grows!
  • Head-to-hip protection - Provide your child with the best protection as they grow up. The seat shell of the highback booster gives all-important head-to-hip support for your little one, while the belt guides ensure correct positioning of the seat belt. And the padded headrest brings safety and comfort for your child’s precious head and neck, so you can rest assured they're protected on every journey.


  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 57 x 44 x 50 cm
    Weight 14.4 kg

Car Seat Groups:

Car seats are categorised into the following groups and it is imperative that a category is chosen so the child's weight or height depending on regulation chosen, falls within the range indicated:

GroupChild's weight*Approx. age of childSuitable ForChild's height† 
0+Birth up to 13kg/29lbBirth up to 12-15 monthsBaby40 - 85cm 
0+ & 1Birth up to 18kg/40lbBirth to up to about 4 yearsBaby40 - 105cm 
0+, 1, 2 & 3Birth-36kg/79lbBirth to 12 yearsBaby-Toddler-Child40 - 150cm 
19-18kg/20-40lbAbout 9 months to 4 yearsToddler85 - 105cm 
1, 2 & 39-36kg/20-79lbAbout 9 months to 12 yearsBaby-Toddler-Child85 - 150cm 
2 & 315-36kg/33-79lbAbout 4-12 yearsToddler-Child105 - 150cm 

*Applies to R44.04 seats. † Applies to iSize seats.

Note: some car seats will be approved in two or more groups. This just means that these seats have the ability to adapt as your child grows, meaning they can use them for longer.

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