Safety 1st

Safety 1st, there’s one thing that’s never tricky: safety. They make it easy to get what you need to take care of your little ones. Because your child is your priority and because it’s his discoveries that help him grow, at Safety 1st we provide a full range of indoor and outdoor baby gear that supports his development and gives you peace of mind. Products include gates, bed rails, nightlights, safety items.


By continuing to design and manufacture in Europe/UK for over 35 years, Safety first Group have built a reputation for developing products for safety and innovation.

At Safety 1st, their 1st Priority is to provide smart ways to help children discover life safely. Once parents are reassured that their children are safe, the rest is up to them. With a childproofed home, all you have to worry about is wiping up the spills as your little one explores!

Safety first products offer a two year warranty against manufacturing defects.  

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