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Lulujo design quality goods that inspire nostalgia and confidence to shape the experience with your child. They create lovable, functional, affordable, and safe pieces to comfort your baby. Lulujo work hard to create quality products which last the journey from newborn to childhood their products include swaddles , blankets , wearable , nursery , bath products and other accessories. 

Lulujo have been developing products in Europe/UK for over 15 years.

Lulujo believe their values support parents’ confidence and provide the opportunity for thoughtful gifts from family and friends.

Their commitment to going further then simply addressing basic needs provides parents the opportunity to bond with their children, capture memories, celebrate milestones, and offers family and friends the opportunity for thoughtful gift giving.

Lulujo stand behind the integrity of their products and believe your baby blankets should last from newborn into childhood. They use high quality, ultra soft textiles that comfort, soothes, and calms your baby for a restful sleep. 

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