Doona Brand of baby products, convertible car seat and stroller that can be used from infancy through toddlerhood. The Doona+ car seat and stroller is designed to provide a safe and convenient solution for parents who need to travel with their babies. It is an innovative product that allows you to quickly and easily transform the car seat into a stroller and vice versa, without having to remove the baby from the seat. The Doona+ brand also offers Trikes and a range of accessories, such as infant inserts, sunshades, and storage solutions, to enhance the functionality of the product.

Doona+ brand adheres to strict safety standards and certifications to ensure the highest level of safety for infants and toddlers. The car seat and stroller have undergone extensive testing to meet and exceed safety regulations in the United States, Europe, and other countries. Doona+ is FAA aircraft-approved, meaning it can be used on airplanes without the need for an additional car seat.

The Doona+ car seat and stroller feature anti-rebound protection, which reduces the impact of a collision and minimizes rebound movement, making it safer for the baby. The product also includes fail-safe mechanisms that prevent incorrect installation, ensuring that the car seat and stroller are properly secured.

To protect against side-impact collisions, the Doona+ brand includes advanced side-impact protection technology that absorbs energy and directs it away from the baby. The car seat and stroller are made with baby-safe materials, including flame-retardant and eco-friendly fabrics, to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort for infants and toddlers. Overall, Doona+ is committed to providing parents with a safe and reliable solution for their baby's transportation needs.

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