Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger is for parents with passion and purpose, who want to continue to live life to the fullest and to share new experiences with your child. Baby jogger stands for....durability , performance , quality , innovation and agility. 

By continuing to design and manufacture in Europe/UK for over 30 years, Baby jogger has built a reputation for developing products with a unique design, comfort, safety and innovation.

They design every Baby Jogger product with active families in mind. From strollers that can conquer curbs or fold with one hand to lightweight car seats and slim high chairs that simplify life. Baby Jogger gear is designed for your life. 

Their stroller pre-production samples take on a bumpy track on a huge treadmill, running for approximately 224 miles.This test simulates mounting a curb to make sure your stroller can conquer any city street with ease. The stroller takes the curb 10,000 times per cycle, and we repeat the test 5-7 times on each pre-production sample.*

Once their initial tests are complete, they take the strollers outside to really make sure they can stand up to the elements. Each stroller takes on a course featuring harsh terrain like mud, sand, and cobblestone, and obstacles like ramps and stairs.

Before everything is approved, they make sure to test each element of the stroller pre-production sample for durability. That means things like opening and closing the canopy…10,000 times. Or folding and unfolding the stroller…3,000 times. 

Baby jogger products are offered with a one year guarantee against manufacturing defect.

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