Fist time travelling with a baby? All you need to know!

We know that traveling is something exciting and takes a lot of planning; especially when it is the first time you will travel with a baby! This adventure can then become both exciting and terrifying. Where should I start? How should I prepare? Is it really a good idea to travel with a baby? These are some of the common questions parents ask themselves. And regarding the last question, the answer is absolutely yes!

Travelling with a baby is not as terrifying as it seems. It is a fact that, if you are used to traveling, you will need to get out of your comfort zone and make some arranges, but you will need only a few tips to make this experience incredible and to enjoy your time with your baby so they can enjoy the adventure as well. It will be their first time traveling and it will be your first time traveling with them, so just keep in mind the following:

1) Don’t be too stressed about missing schedules for your baby. Sleep time and eat time of course are important, but when moving from a place to place, or from a car to a train it is normal to miss some schedules. Don’t be afraid of breaking the routine! It won’t be a daily activity, so if sleeping time changed for a day, just relax and understand that a day won’t hurt that much.

2) Before going on your adventure prepare everything and plan ahead. There is no worst experience than being in a place you don’t know trying to find the brand of diapers your baby uses just to realize that the stores you are traveling to do not sell all you need.  This doesn’t mean that you must bring everything with you; simply prepare only an extra amount you can bring for any unexpected changes in your schedule.

3) As mentioned in tip number two, do not over pack. It is ok to have extras of everything your baby will need but try not to pack the three boxes of diapers you have at home. You will find yourself stressed with all the items you will have to carry from place to place. Try to keep your essentials only.

4) Arrive early to any place you need to be at: Whether it’s t airport, train station, hotel, etc. Make time in your day to prepare for departure. It is better to be 30 minutes ahead than having to miss a plane. Also, you could take advantage of those 30 extra minutes for a diaper change, feeding or just relaxing with your baby. Alarms on your phone will be a great ally!

5) There are two essential items you must not forget to bring to your adventure with your baby: food and toys. Try to pack a couple of your baby’s favorite food (or formula) so you can avoid the scenario mentioned in number 2 about not finding the correct food for your baby, especially if they are still drinking milk. Toys are important as well, because they can help you anytime you need your baby to entertain while you are busy with other activities or if they feel too nervous.

6) Last but not least: Always prepare for the worst! Image the worst-case scenario possible and try to create a plan to avoid that. This is not about being negative but realistic instead. Imaging the worst scenario will provide you a better vision of what to expect or how to prepare for any inconvenience.

And that’s it! Babies do require more care and planning, but if you take note of the tips given, you will for sure enjoy your trip and you will be prepared to have a great time and relax with your baby.

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